We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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E-SME House

The e-SMB House Portal is an electronic system used to ensure coordination of entrepreneurial activity in the country, utilization of the supply chain system and procurement networks by entrepreneurs, provision of services for entrepreneurs, and access to appropriate information bases for service providers in SMB Houses.

The Portal is a unified platform of SMB Houses (SMB Houses) used by SMBs to access electronic services, send and receive applications and/or e-mails, maintain their accounting records, ensure interaction between users (users of the Portal hosted e-services and entrepreneurs are empowered to authorize their transactions by e-signature, including citizens planning to start entrepreneurial activity) and participants (entities accessing the Portal of information systems and using them to provide entrepreneurs with electronic services, as well as sharing information with other information systems and resources). The e-SMB House Portal allows for unrestricted access to information from its integrated systems. Thus, different entities can use it to provide services to entrepreneurs at SMB Houses as well as any entity can use it at any time to provide any service from any location.

Users wishing to receive services via the portal can file an application to create their personal electronic account, send questions to other participants and receive replies, submit proposals regarding the draft legal acts posted on the Portal, and log in to the registry to use the information.

Entrepreneurs can use e-SMB Portal to pay customs duties, payments for services as well as payments for “G2B” (government to business) services provided by entities. Also, entrepreneurs can use various financial “B2B” (business to business), banking, insurance and consulting services.


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